The New Barmaid

A Pub Landlord advertises for a new barmaid and is delighted to receive applications from three equally suitable candidates for the job.
He calls them all in to see him and at the end of each interview he asks each one the same single question.

“If you were cleaning the bar once it was closed for the night and found a ten pound note on the floor, what would you do with it?”

The first candidate replied “I would place the money in the till. You have been kind enough to give me a job and I am happy with my wage. The money is yours.”

The second candidate replied “I would place the money in the till and take five pounds out for myself. That way we are splitting the money, and thats only fair.”

The third candidate replied “I would keep the money. Its a perk of doing the most menial task and, as such, it is my right to keep any money I find.”

Which one got the job?

The one with the biggest tits.

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