Unexpected Pleasure

Freddy walks into the pub with an enormous smile on his face.

His mates ask him why he is so pleased with himself.

“You lot will not believe what happened to me last night!”, Freddy replied.

“When we left the pub, instead of the way I usually walk home, I cut across the railway to get home a bit quicker, I’d had a good drink after all.”

“Well there was this girl tied to the tracks, so I untied her and took her home with me”

“What happened then?” His mates demanded.

“Well I had sex with her all night until I was exhausted. I had her on the sofa, I had her on the kitchen table and then I took her to bed with me and carried on some more”.

“You lucky bastard”, said one of his mates, “did you get a blow job?

“No”, He said “I never found her head”

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