Caught Speeding

A man gets stopped for speeding at 95 mph in a 50 speed limit zone. The cop askes for his drivers license and the guy says, “I’m sorry officer, but my license has been suspended.”

The cop askes for his registration. “It’s in the glove compartment” replies the man, “but it’s not in my name.”

“Why is that” asks the cop. “Well it’s because I stole this car in a car jacking and I killed the woman who was driving the car. Then I stuffed her in the boot of the car and the gun I used to kill her is in the glove compartment.”

This is too much for the officer to handle and he tells the man to keep his hands on the wheel while he radios for back-up.

When the sergeant shows up, the cop tells him the story and he walks round to the man in the car. The sergeant asks to see the guy’s drivers license and the guy hands it over and it is valid with the guys real name and information.

The sergeant asks for the registration and the guy says, “It’s in the Glove compartment.” The sergeant tells the guy to keep his hands in sight and walks around to the passenger side and opens the glove compartment.

There is the registration in the guys name and everything seems in order. Next the sergeant asks the guy to get out and open the trunk. The guy opens the trunk and the only thing there is a spare tire.

At this point the sergeant tells the guy what the other cop had told him.

The guy replies “I bet that lying pig told you I was speeding too!”

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