Prayers Can Come True

One evening as Jack passed little Tommy’s bedroom he overheard his son praying, “God bless Mummy, God bless Daddy, and God bless Grandma. Bye bye Grandpa.”

The Dad wasn’t quite sure what Tommy meant by this, but was pleased to see his son praying.

However, the next morning, they found Grandpa dead on the floor after suffering a heart attack. Jack was rather spooked but convinced himself that it was just a coincidence.

The next night, he heard Tommy praying again: “God bless Mummy, God bless Daddy. Bye bye Grandma.”

Jack was getting worried now, but decided to just wait and see what transpired. He awoke early and went to check on Gradma, sure enough she was laying dead on the floor after suffering a heart attack.

Jack was really scared now and made sure that he was listening outside Tommy’s bedroom door when he prayed that night.

His worst fears were realised when Tommy said, “God bless Mummy. Bye bye Daddy.”

Now Jack was terrified. He couldn’t sleep at all that night and went to the doctor’s first thing the next morning for a check up. After getting a clean bill of health from the doctor he went to work and spent the day being exceedingly careful.

When he finally arrived home that evening his wife was waiting at the front door.
 “Thank God you’re home,” She said, “We’ve had another terrible day here. The postman dropped dead on our drive this morning!”

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