The Christmas Party Hangover

Bill wakes up with a dreadful hangover after attending his company’s Christmas Party the night before. He had been in a terrible state, he didn’t even remember how he got home from the party and was certain that he would be in deep trouble with his wife, just like last year.

He decided he would have to get up and face what he had coming to him, but the first thing he notices is a couple of aspirins and a glass of water on the bedside table. As he washes down the asprins he notices a small vase containing a single red rose. 
Bill can’t quite understand what is going on but he staggers to the bathroom and looks in the mirror not only does he have a huge black eye but there is a note stuck to the corner of the mirror written in red with little hearts on it and a kiss mark from his wife in lipstick.  The note read: “Darling, breakfast is in the oven, I have gone to the supermarket early to get groceries to make your favorite dinner tonight. I love you!”

He gets some clothes on and stumbles down to the kitchen and sure enough, there is a hot breakfast, steaming hot coffee, and the morning newspaper all waiting for him. His son, Bill Jr. is also at the table, eating. Bill asks his son what happened the night before?

“Well Dad, you came home after 3 in the morning, drunk out of your mind. You fell over the coffee table and broke it, and then you puked in the hallway, and got that black eye when you fell into the door.”

Confused, he asks Bill Jr. “So why is the special treatment from your Mum? The asprins, the loving note, the special dinner, breakfast on the table waiting for me?”
His son replies, “Oh that! Well, Mum dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your clothes off to get you into bed, you screamed, ‘Leave me alone, I’m married!'”

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